Online degree program in nursing

  • An advanced educational degree opens new career options for practising nurses.  That is a plus point.  The downside is the logistics of attending school.  Do you take a leave to attend college? What about location? Many nurses are breadwinners and they cannot afford to take long terms leaves or travel too far to earn a graduate degree .  Hence, the dream to take the next step up in the professional ladder remans just that--a dream--for many working nurses.

    Nurses in the US, and other nurses who can afford, have another option to continue with their career and to pursue advanded degrees at the same time.  They purse their studies online. Online classes can be completed from home.

    No Nepali nursing college offers online classes at this time. They should.  We have a lot of working nurses in the country, and professional advancement is a priority for each individual.  Availability of online classes would be helpful to them.

    Online nursing classes would also be particularly relevant for continuing education for career professionals.  The nursing profession changes with time, and practitioners must keep up with the latest developments in their field.  Continuing education programs are particulary important for Nepal, and the best medium to deliver such programs is online.

    The United States has a very mature market of education institutions offering graduate nursing and allied health care degrees online.  The American magazine, U.S. News, evaluated several factors to rank the best online nursing degree programs, including faculty credentials, graduation rates and student services and technologies and compiled this list

    An advanced nursing degree from a US insitution may be financially out of reach for many Nepali nurses working in Nepal.  But, if you are a Nepali nurse seeking to go abroad or working overseas, the online option may be just right for you.