Nurses to the United States

  • The United States projects a shortfall of 500,000 RN jobs by 2022.  Nepali nurses could fill a few vacant positions. 


    The United States health care system is the most expensive in the world.  It will be even more expensive with time.  One way that nation can rein in cost is to deliver primary health care through nurses, whose aggregate cost is less than that of doctors.  Even among nurses, the United States is eyeing the foreign born and the already trained.  New nurses in the US are signing on for less than the established nurses in the United States, and the foreign ones are even cheaper. 


    Even the lowest nursing wage in the United States is conisderably better than the best salaries offered in Nepal.  The working environment (staffing ratios, general conditions, professional respect) is also immesurably better.  Hence, Nepali nursing graduating students and estblished nurses will be increasingly eyeing to migrate to the United States.


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