Beware! Nepali nurses headed to the United States

  • Nepalis nursing students and practicing nurses are increasingly seeking to further their career away from Nepal.  Australia appears to be a favored destination for new graduates.  Established nurses find out that their work experience adds to the IELTS points calculation, which works particularly well for immigration to Canada.  ANM's, by the droves, are staffing senior homes in Israel.


    Nursing will remain a growth profession all across the world for some time to came.  The structure of the health care industry is undergoing fundamental change, particulary in economically well-off nations, with nurses assuming greater and greater roles as the primary interace between citizens and the health care system.  Those countries are trying to reduce the systemic cost of the health care system, and they will be doing so for a long time to come.  Hooray for nurses!  We get paid less than doctors, but we can have more jobs in the new economy.


    The Phillipnes has for long been a nursing factory for the health systems worldwide.  Filipino nurses staff hospitals in Singapore and the rich countries of East Asia.  They are likely the majority of the nursing staff in the Arab world.  They are in the UK and Europe, and in private service of the rich all across the world.  Particularly in the United States and Canada, the natively English-speaking Filipino nurse is the mainstay in hospital and clinics.


    The rich and long history of Pinoy nursing presents a learning opportunity for our Nepali (mostly) sisters seeking to answer Nightangle's call abroad.  This blog space will transalate many of those lessons in due time.  One takeaway that I will sign off this post with is a refrain.  It is a refrain for the Filipino nurses headed to the United States.  Fraudsters are preying on the aspiration of those seeking better nursing life in the United States, and the following video from PBS, the American public television station, shines a light on the topic. 


    Nepali sisters.  Treat cautiously as you work towards a career abroad.