US immigration and foreign nurses

  • Nepali nursing students and professionals seeking to practice their profession in the United States must familiarize themselves with the legal framework for foreigners seeking employment in the country. 


    The US Citizenship and Immigration Service  is the primary gatekeeper to the United States.  The Service provides factual information applicable to all who seek entry to the United States.


    The United States Embassy in New Delhi, India, features a question and answer page on its website for Registered Nurses applying for immigrant visas.  The information is, of course, authoritative.


    A nurse seeking employment in the United States is a specialized case.  Such a case is better advised by a specialist interpretation.  I found such an interpretation in this advisory contained in the website of a law firm specializing in providing assistance to foreign nurses seeking to practice their profession in the United States.  (Note: I do not know this law firm in person and am NOT recommending their service, of which I have no personal knowledge.) The advisory is helpful and could be a good point of departure for further inquiry for Nepali nurses seeking professional career in the United States.


    Another interpretation of the US laws with reference to nurse migrants is contained in the following webinar.  This webinar is specifically geared to Filipino nurses.  In the eyes of US immigration, a potential Filipino nurse migrant may not be considered differently from a Nepali counterpart.




    It is important to keep in mind that the US  immigration laws for potential nurse migrant is evolving all the time.  Reforms to the laws are in the works. This legal blog is excellent in keeping up with the latest news, interpretations and updates on US immigration laws pertaining to nurses and allied health care professionals.  Please make sure that your information is current.