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    Forestry Nepal “aims to facilitate online networking among Nepalese foresters, to provide a platform to share news and information on forestry sector of Nepal and to promote forest science among general public.”  We have visited the site over several years and, therefore, can assert that the site delivers on its intentions without fail. 


    The site is informative: (it) features topical and updated news.  The site is educational: (it) features scholarly research articles on, of course, forestry, but also allied topics.  The “community” section is well populated and active.  The “directory” section is the website’s distinctive signature.  People who have or had anything to do with forestry in Nepal are listed there.  Handy for easy reference today, and an active digital memento of thanks to the many from foreign lands who came to this country to better our natural heritage.


    Admirable as it is, this repository of information on Nepali forestry could yet be enhanced.  What is the characteristic of the Nepali forest? What does the forest mean to me – me, the primary school student; me, the regular Shyam or Sita?  The website occupies the primary pedestal to tell us stories of the forest – facts to anchor the essay of the high school or college student, stories that will help construct a consensus for conservation, tales that connect us to our tradition of seeking enlightenment in its enveloping bosom. We’d like to know what trees to plant in our backyard: the “resource” section could tell me what, how, when, and on and on.


    Our wish notwithstanding, ForestryNepal is a wonderful resource. This is a must-consult site for scholars of Nepali forestry and for interest-based professional organizations seeking to throw a little light on their own particular subjects.