Sal Khan’s free online school enters the real world

  • This is a news published in Irish Times about how Salman Khan is revolutionising education. The motto of the Khan Academy, the online school he founded pretty much by accident, is: “A free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” The education which he founded is for 21st century. According to Khan Academy "Education that takes account of the digital age and that starts from the premise that schools should be laboratories, not prisons."

    Khan began by tutoring his cousin, Nadia, in mathematics. He received so many requests for more sessions that he decided to post the tutorials on YouTube. Now Bill Gates uses the Khan Academy to educate his children. Khan has given up his job working with a hedge fund to administer his not-for-profit academy.

    This year the Khan Academy opened its first school in the non-digital world. “It’s more like a lab,” says Khan down the line from his office in Silicon Valley. “We’ve got 30 students between five and 12. In every age group we have four or five students. We never viewed technology as a replacement for teachers. I just had this hare-brained idea 10 months ago,” he says of the new school. “I just started reaching out to people who I thought would be interested in getting away from the Prussian model of a school.”

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    Source: The Irish Times