Sugata Mitra: Inspiration for myLLPS

  • Sugata Mitra inspired the creation of myLLPS. 

    Sri Mitra is an educational scientist.  He sought to understand how children learn.  In a now famous experiment, he installed an interent-connected computer in a hole in a wall in a poor neighborhood in Delhi.  He left no instructions. 

    One child who lived in the streets came to play with the computer.  Again, no instructitions.  She punched random keys and went away.  Then, she returned with her friends.  They punched more keys.  They discovered the web.  They learnt to navigate the web.  They learnt to find things of interest to them on the web.  Finally, they learnt what they wanted to learn. 

    Hearing Sri Mitra tell this story in the accompanying video made us think: can we make the children's search any easier?  How can we provide a more contextual database for search queries from self learners?

    We came up with myLLPS.