Test Prep Help

  • Standarized tests are a breed apart. 

    The TOEFL, the Scholastic Aptitude Test, the Graduate Record Exam, the Graduate Management Aptitude Test and others of their ilk test for proficiency.  Do you understand English? Can you communicate in the language? Do you have what it takes to attend college or graduate school? 

    The standarized test is a necessary tool for institutions.  Colleges and universities receive a great number of applications.  The standarized test is a wonderful tool for the admission offices to measure one application against all others.

    To the student who has rarely, if ever, encountered such tests during her schooling years, the standarized test can be intimidating.  You may know the subject matter, for sure.  The process: now, that is daunting. 

    There is only one way to gain comfort in taking a standarized test.  That is to practice, practice and practice some more taking the sample tests.

    Good luck!