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International Cuisine in Nepali Kitchen

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    January 3, 2014 10:49 AM NPT
    International Cuisine in Nepali Kitchen was the title of a cookbook published by the ladies auxiliary wing of some embassy--the US, perhaps?-- in Nepal several decades back. We are trying to find a copy of the book.

    International Cuisine in Nepali Kitchen contained recipes for everyday Western dishes favored by expatriate households in Nepal. The food items featured locally available products. The method of preparation was scratch. There was no Bhatbhateni Supermarket when the book was put together, and cooking was truly an enterprise of disassembling the basics to produce the bounty on the table.

    We are harkening back to the memory of the book as we endeavor to feed children and cousins visiting Nepal from their sojourns or new homes abroad. We need a manual to cook pancakes and waffles, souffles and roasts, barbecues and pasta primavera. In Nepal, here and now. On standard two burner gas ko chulo. With toaster ovens. Using chyaang instead of red wine vinegar. Whenever the electricity mandarin deem okay, of course.

    Someone needs to publish an updated version of International Cuisine in Nepali Kitchen. Till then, we can use this forum to post recipes and how-to's to cater to those for whom kodo ko roti is but a fascinating topic of anthropology.