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English | Nepal | Grade 9


The Curriculum Development Center's ("the Center") curriculum for English for Grade IX - Grade X is designed to:

1. Develop an understanding of and competence in spoken English
2. Communicate fluently and accurately with other English speakers
3. Develop competence in understanding a variety of reading texts
4. Gain the skills necessary to write appropriate and effective English
5. Develop an ability to use simple reference materials
6. Read, appreciate and enjoy literary texts
7. Develop an awareness of contemporary social values and norms relevant to Nepal. 

The Center produced a Teacher's Guide - Grade IX to explain its objective in detail.  The lengthy document is specific in prescribing the structure, and mode of instruction.  It is a road-map for teachers, and, from our review, an effective reference for parents of Grade IX students.  The Teacher's Manual can be downloaded in pdf format from the link given below.

The web is particularly rich in learning resources for primary school children.  Our selection of relevant resources is offered within the Learning Resource and Reference Resource sections in this page.  

Our selections are only points of departure for students seeking to learn and for parents and teachers seeking to help educate your Grade IX charges.  You will, undoubtedly, find better sources, references, videos on your own.  Share those resources with the myLLPS community at large in the subject-specific group pages below.  Alternatively, make your own page, and be a star teacher, parent, supporter of the Grade IX student community.



माध्यमिक शिक्षा कार्यक्रम २०६४ Engilish Curriculum: Page 19 - 31. Using a choice of books as either classroom text or reference, Grade IX students are expected to engage in the activities listed below:



Student will be able to show understanding of a variety of authentic listening texts, specifically, they will be able to:

1. Listen to spoken text, understand the gist and retrieve specific information from it
2. Record in note or make summary from the main points of spoken messages
3. Respond appropriately to spoken directions or instructions

1. Speak clearly within the structural and lexical levels of the grade nine curriculum
2. Take part effectively in informal discourse, using appropriate discourse devices (e.g. pauses, tags, questions, etc.)
3. Communicate appropriately in a variety of formal and informalsituations
4. Engage in group discussions, expressing opinions effectively
5. Describe an object or event appropriately
6. Convey simple messages effectively using common phrases
7. Produce and respond to different question types (e.g. closed, open, and alternative)
8. Express a range of emotions using appropriate phonological features.


1. Read short texts intensively for detailed understanding.
2. Show understanding of the underlying themes and the ideas of the texts
3. Retrieve specific information form texts to synthesise by means of a variety of reading techniques, e.g. skimming and scanning.
4. Identify the structure and the organisation of paragraph/s by developing an awareness of connectives.
5. Predict the likely continuation of the interrupted text.
6. Appreciate literary text of an appropriate level.
7. Deduce the meaning of unfamiliar words and phrases in a given context.
8. Use an authentic English dictionary effectively.
9. Interpret information presented in tables.


1. Express ideas in clear and grammatically correct English, using appropriate punctuation marks.
2. Plan, organize and develop paragraph/s.
3. Describe an object or event appropriately.
4. Use appropriate format and layout to produce a variety of texts.
5. Transfer information from table to prose and vice versa.
6. Produce a variety of authentic text types (e.g. postcards, questionnaires, phone messages, personal and official letters, news stories, advertisement, notice such as: condolence and congratulation)
7. Make notes on a variety of texts
8. Write about personal experiences creatively
9. Compose simple dialogues