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Social Studies | Nepal | Grade 6 | Ullens


 Your child will develop the abilities to read, analyze, interpret, compare, question, and evaluate information presented  through various means, and also developtheir skills in communicating their ideas to others. Your child will grow to understand  and interpret the development of earlies civilizations.

To promote the sence of belonging and acceptance in students, sixth graders are made familiar with the concepts of citizenship and identity in the Nepalese context.



Term I


Topic: ancient civilizations Egypt and Mesopotamia.

  • History: outline of historical development, significant rulers.
  • Geography: location of civilization  -  importance of landforms, water bodies and climatic conditions.
  • Society and Civics: life of the people  -  distribution of power  -  status of women and other minority groups  -  important inventions.
  • Economics: major goods produced  -  trade with other civilizations.


Term II


Topic: Nepal study.

  • History: ancient Nepal  -  outline of historical development  -  significant rulers  -  inhabitants of Kathmandu Valley in ancient Nepal, their culture and lifestyle (then and now)  -  major economic activities  -  trade.
  • Geography: Nepal's geographical mapping.
  • Society and Civics: ward and village development committee  -  process of acquiring citizentship.
  • Economics: major trade, agriculture and industrial activities.


Term III


Topic: Continent study - Asia.

  • History: major historical events.
  • Geography: landforms and water bodies  -  vegetation and climate.
  • Society and Civics: culture (language, food, dress)  -  landmarks  -  significant persons.
  • Economics: main economic activities, trade (import and export).



Learning Resources


Ancient Egypt


Odyssey Online's Ancient Egypt web site is excellent! Understanding Egypt's place in the world with the help of the map section (complete with pronunciations!). Learn about the People (and get an understanding of their life by playing the "Find the Pharaoh's Fragment" game).  Appreciate their  Mythology (by immersing yourself in the "Amulet Matching Game").  What was it like to live in ancient Egypt? The Daily Life section has the aswers.  What would you have lived then?  Get a clue by playing "The Lotus Game".  Learn about their storied Death and Burial custom.  Go ahead, play the "Read the CT Scan Game").  Learn about Ancient Egyptian  Writing (by playing the "The Papyrus Puzzler Game").  And, wait! There is more.  Learn about the Archeology here.


Historyforkids' Ancient Egypt section is geared to students attending middle school.





“Ancient Egypt.” YouTube. Accessed April 27, 2014. includes a collection of videos on the lives and times of Ancient Egypt.











Reference Resources


Country specific curriculum aligned resources

Social Studies class 6 Nepal

Social Studies class 6 India



  • Ancient Egypt - The British Museum's online presentation "includes information on Egyptian life, gods and goddesses, mummification, rulers, pyramids, temples, time, trade, and writing, as well as games to play online."
  • Egyptians is a presentation on history from the British Broadcasting Commission.
  • Hieroglyphics (writing) - The Rosetta Stone enabled scholars to understand Egyptian hieroglypics.  Find out about its discovery.  Make your own cartouche (nameplate). 
  • Art - The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston has an excellent web presentation on Egyptian Art.